Rave: ‘Star Wars’ is back and better than ever

Caroline Millin

Dec. 18 cannot come soon enough. Last Monday, the final trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released, and it was received in record-breaking fashion. The trailer was viewed almost 130 million times in its first 24 hours, which beat the film’s own record of views after the second teaser trailer was released in April.

Ticket sales proved the popularity of the franchise. When box offices opened, many sites crashed from the massive surges of people accessing them. With its integration of old characters into a modern film, the new “Star Wars” appeals to both old fans of the franchise and young fans who are excited about the action and adventure that this trailer promises.

This trailer is the absolute benchmark for what every film’s trailers should strive to be. While not giving away any important plot twists, it introduced the main heroes, villains and old characters we know and love, along with an amazing background track from John Williams. It had all the information needed to keep you wanting more. The care being taken to create a “Star Wars” film for all generations is admirable, and we can only hope it resonates with every fan out there.

Conservative estimates put the film easily grossing $1 billion, breaking many records along the way. What do you think will happen? Will you be there opening weekend? –C. Millin