Alternative spring breakers head to S.C.


While a vast majority of college students head to the beach for spring break, a small group of students opt for an alternative vacation.

After an application process, 20 students were chosen to participate in a project hosted by Habitat for Humanity from March 11-18.

John Stinchen and Mike Minutoli are the two advisors who will accompany the students to East Cooper, S.C. The group will stay in a local church and will work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday. The group will also get the chance to explore historic Charleston together.

Why did these students choose to spend their spring break building houses in South Carolina?

“I saw that I had a great opportunity, so why not take it?” said sophomore Ashley Uniszkiewicz. “It’s such a good cause. I’ve been blessed with so much and I want to give back.”

Junior Daniel Grzesik is serving as the student leader of the group. He participated in a community project his freshman year and loved the experience.

“Community service is an honor and it gives you a chance to work with and help so many people,” Grzesik said.

The group has held meetings every Wednesday for the past few weeks to help prepare them for their trip.

Race and religion were discussed, along with other issues that they will be confronted with during their stay.

Sophomore Brittany Roy has always wanted to do a Habitat for Humanity project.

“It’s a new experience. We’ll be in a different place, different environment and a different culture. Some place out of QU to get some diversity,” Roy said. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and having fun while helping others.”

These QU students are set on their break plans, but others question why any college student would pass up the chance to go on vacation with friends or spend time at home with family.

“I can go to Cancun anytime, but I won’t always have access to a chance like this,” Uniskiewicz said. “I’ll miss going home but my parents understand and will just come up and see me some weekend. It’s worth it.”

All agree that the experience will be worth it in the end and are excited and anxious for their alternative spring break!

“Seeing the smiles on the homeowners’ faces make such a difference,” Grzesik said.