New phase in Quinnipiac history

Alexandra Seltzer

Quinnipiac University recently was given the privilege to say it is the first university in the New England area to have a chapter of the African American Journalists Organization, or AAJO.

Sean Lyons, advisor of AAJO, came across this organization before coming to Quinnipiac.

Lyons informed journalism majors Kerry Ellington and Anastacia Tucker about the organization.

After filling out various applications to the Nation Association of Black Journalists, NABJ, Quinnipiac was accepted.

Having the first AAJO in New England can be used as a great marketing tool to bring students of different races to the university.

Ellington and Tucker are hoping that the organization will “encourage minorities to go into journalism.”

They are hoping to get the school’s name out by organizing different events, and essentially “opening up doors” to new and exciting opportunities.

These opportunities include internships, conventions, and workshops concerning things such as resume building skills.

The NABJ is hosting a convention in Indianapolis. Ellington and Tucker hope to attend and gain insight about other school chapters, meet new students, and participate in the workshops held there.

Those interested in the AAJO do not need to be journalism majors. The organization is open to everyone.

For more information e-mail Sean Lyons at his university e-mail address.