Rave: Funny face detection filters

Sarah Doiron

Have you ever wanted to make yourself barf rainbows?

Now you can! Snapchat’s new update brings face recognition to a whole new level.

All you have to do is get some good lighting, turn your camera into “selfie mode” and hold your thumb down on your face on the screen.

After holding your thumb to your nose awkwardly for a few seconds–or sometimes, in my case, minutes–Snapchat will recognize your face and give you the option to put a live filter over it. These options change often.

There are many you can choose from–heart eyes, googly eyes, you can even make smoke come out of your nose if you’re really angry and try hard enough.

Sometimes you have to raise your eyebrows or open your mouth to make the effects work, which causes you to make some strange faces in front of your phone, so I would recommend not doing this in public.

These filters are hysterical and add character to any snapchat.

Trying to impress a cute guy you met in line at Toad’s Place? Snapchat them a picture of you giving them heart eyes.

Mad at your roommate for taking that last insomnia cookie? Send them an angry snapchat with smoke coming out of your nose. (From the next room over, of course.)

Whatever your reason–the new face recognition filters on Snapchat are hysterical and will always add life to your snap story. Don’t be afraid to use them!–S. Doiron