Wreck: Students trashing the cafe

Kristen Riello

During my freshman year, I saw a boy pick up a hard-boiled egg with his bare hands from the salad bar, walk around the entire cafe all while holding the egg and then put it back in the salad bar. Horrifying, I know. I never forgot that. Every time I see him around campus that’s all I can think of. So much so, that I refer to him as “Egg Boy.”

Egg Boy is just a classic (but more disturbing than normal) example of some of the students who make the cafe disgusting.

I know there is a little bit of Egg Boy in all of us; sometimes you decide on something else at the last minute and don’t feel like walking all the way back. It’s understandable, but there’s really no excuse to not put it back where you found it. Unless it’s a hard-boiled egg. You probably shouldn’t put that back.

Soup splattered all across the counters, the disaster that is the condiment area, lettuce thrown all around the floor, trash left literally anywhere there is a free spot for it, drinks spilled at tables; does nobody bother to pick up after themselves? Was no one ever taught to clean up their messes? Look at any of the tables in the eating area and they have salt, pepper, drinks and food all over them. There are workers constantly going around and cleaning them, but they are still constantly a mess. It’s not their fault; it’s ours.

Students need to learn that this isn’t home and mommy or daddy isn’t there to nag you to clean the crumbs. Have some respect for fellow students and the employees who have to clean up your mess and take a second to do it yourself. Don’t be like Egg Boy.