‘Put this in your profile if…’

Taryn Filomio

Whether loved or hated, the “Put this in your profile if.” message has reached trend status.

“I’m not sure why they are so big: Maybe because they can be catchy, and maybe it’s something for someone to belong to and be a part of,” Eliza Auch, freshman diagnostic imaging major, said.

Some of the phrases placed in peoples profiles provide support for people suffering from illnesses. A common message found is, “Put this in your profile if you know someone who is fighting, has survived, or died of cancer.”

“It supports awareness and another way for people to cope with the situation,” Bryana Miranda, freshman secondary education and history major, said.

Many of the phrases however, can be confusing.

“A lot of the ‘Put this in your profile’ stuff is just pointless. If it’s a joke between you and your friends then that’s fine, but if it’s something like ‘Put this in your profile if you know someone who should be hit by a bus,’ then it’s just pointless. We all know people we want to hit with buses, get over it,” Jonathan Wolff, freshman international business major, said.

Although some of these phrases are common, there are many which are personalized.

“I think these things are kind of ridiculous but the ones that you and your friends make up give you something to laugh about,” Brian Occhiuto, freshman business major said.

Katie Maguire, a freshman living in Irma, mentions why she put two of these phrases in her profile.

“Because my friends at home told me to,” Maguire said.