Miley’s ‘Dead Petz’ and bad lyrics

Sarah Harris

*Warning: Strong language*

“I feel like I’m part of the universe, and it’s part of me…”

Miley really gave me the feels when I heard this line during the song “Dooo It!” from her new album, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.” She really has gone outside her comfort zone and is pushing boundaries especially with the ‘z’ at the end of ‘petz.’ This album will go down in history for being so awesome… said no one ever.

Let’s just say there’s an obvious reason as to why this album is free on SoundCloud, and in case it’s not obvious, here’s why: no one in their right mind should pay for this album and if you do, you need help. I think Miley was tripping on acid in a room covered in glitter when she wrote this album.

This album really reminds me of the time I wanted to be a DJ in the eighth grade and used GarageBand to autotune my voice. This album is basically a teenage girl who fell in love with that guy she hooked up with once, and now she’s sitting in her dorm room listening to sad music when she realizes the guy only hooked up with her because he was drunk.

Ah, I feel bad, there’s actually some good stuff on this album. Her song “Fuckin Fucked Up” has some really good lyrics in it. Oh wait, she just repeats the same beat and the same lyric–‘Fucked up’–for the entire song. Sorry Miley, “Dead Petz” is a load of crap.

My favorite line in the entire track is, “You put me in these fucking situations where I look like a dumbass bitch, and I’m not a fucking dumbass bitch…” Miley, think again.