Wreck: A message to ceiling tile punchers

Sarah Harris

Freshman year I lived in the Commons, a freshman residence hall on the Mount Carmel campus. And now, as a senior, I’m an RA in the Commons, in the same exact hall that I lived in freshman year. During freshman year, I was fined around $35 for damages in the building. What damages, you ask? Ceiling tiles.

Kids would go through our hallways, kids who didn’t even live there, and punch out the ceiling tiles. And who had to pay for it? Me. And so did every other girl on our floor. The boys on the second floor had to pay around $75 each for damages they didn’t cause. The same thing is already happening this year.

This past Saturday, I came back from a friend’s place to find three of the ceiling tiles punched out in my floor. They also felt the need to tear down the awesome bulletin board I made for my residents. I felt embarrassed knowing that I was accepted into a school with kids who think it’s okay to vandalize our university.

Well, this is a message to the kids who tore down my board and punched out the tiles that my floor will have to pay for…do you feel big? Do you feel cool, bro? Are you angry, is this your way of taking out anger? It’s called boxing, try it sometime.

Grow up, it’s really not that hard. Or just try to be a good person. Is it uncool to be nice anymore? Is it uncool to respect other people’s property? These residents shouldn’t have to pay for what you have done, it’s uncalled for and completely unnecessary.

Photo by Megan Maher/The Quinnipiac Chronicle