Rave: Bobcat Shop moves closer to campus

Kelly Novak

Every Bobcat here at Quinnipiac loves to show off his or her school spirit with the latest apparel from the bookstore, but not everyone has $70 lying around for a brand new sweatshirt.

[media-credit name=”Megan Maher/The Quinnipiac Chronicle” align=”alignright” width=”300″]_MLM1882[/media-credit]

More and more students have opted to browse The Bobcat Shop, a cheaper alternative to the bookstore with a variety of QU logo-adorned accessories.

However, its old location was tucked away on Sherman Avenue, past the entrance to the York Hill campus. Students without a vehicle didn’t have a way to get there, and others might not have known it existed.

Luckily, The Bobcat Shop is now conveniently located at 3295 Whitney Ave, across the way from Sherman Avenue. The shop moved three days ago, according to store manager Jennifer Schell.

“Our lease was up and this lease was open, so it seemed like perfect timing,” Schell said.

Schell also said that the new location has already attracted many customers. The store is a short car ride from either campus, a 20-minute walk from Mount Carmel and best of all, across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Bobcat Shop is a great place, so this new move is nothing but a win for everyone. If any vehicle-free Bobcats are worried about that walk, it’s just under a mile; think of it as your gym session for the day, with an added bonus of new QU gear.