Rave: Food trucks on campus

Alyssa Browne

As the weather gets warmer, food trucks have made their appearance back on campus from the summer.

Ahhh, food trucks. Everyone loves them! And why not? They’re super convenient: parked on the Quad, fairly cheap for the somewhat broke college student and filled with different types of delicious food. (And who doesn’t want a break from cafeteria food?)

This past Friday, sororities and fraternities on campus teamed up to benefit several organizations in need of charity. The food trucks available were “Fryborg,” “Spuds Your Way,” “Mister Softee,” a “Simply Divine Cooking” truck and also a “Bounty” truck.

Food served at the event included french fries and other fried foods, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese and baked potatoes loaded with tons of cheese and sour cream (they even had a buffalo chicken one). Last but not least, students could get soft serve ice cream, with the option of vanilla or chocolate, dipped in chocolate, cherry or sprinkles that ranged from hot Barbie pink to rainbow. To say there was a variety is an understatement.

Each truck was endorsed by a different fraternity or sorority, and some of the proceeds from each purchase were donated to the Greek organizations’ philanthropies. Some charities include Child Abuse America, American Red Cross and Make-A-Wish, among others.

Lots of students showed up to support the cause, and tickets were on sale separately. Hopefully lots of revenue came in to benefit the organizations. Food trucks should definitely keep coming back; they’re an escape from the usual food on campus and overall, very much appreciated.