Rave: spring break countdown

Alexa Orban

It’s the final countdown; spring break is only two days away. The middle of the semester is always a crazy time for students, like sophomore Briana Choi.

“Midterms can be just as stressful as finals and I am ready for a break,” Choi said.

Not everyone will be going away for the week, but Quinnipiac offers many trips that can happen over spring break. There are a lot of students going on trips for Habitat for Humanity or for QU301 courses. Last year, Junior Kaitlyn Mehern went to New York with Habitat for Humanity.

“It was an amazing experience and I hope to go back to help out a community in need again,” Mehern said.

If you are going on a tropical vacation this break, it’s probably a good winter to do it. The weather has been at a record low and the piles of snow seem like they will never go away. A break from all of this would be ideal for many. While not all students from Quinnipiac will be going away to somewhere warm, there are still so many great things that can be accomplished over spring break.

“I’m excited to go home for spring break so I can relax and get away from all of the school work,” sophomore Micaela D’Antonio said.

Having time to yourself and reading a book or catching up with friends can also be a great way to spend your week. It is nice to know that it is half way through the spring semester. Try not to stress about the work that you still need to do and relax. After all, there are only eight more weeks until summer.   ̶ A. Orban