Don’t forget to celebrate everyone you love

Nicole Hanson

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day seems to be the one day of the year that people absolutely love or hate with a burning passion. This is all because people only think of one thing when they think of the holiday – spending it with your significant other.

Sure, I used to hate Valentine’s Day myself when I didn’t have someone special to swoon over. But even though I did have someone to celebrate with this year, I realize the holiday is so much more than being spoiled with flowers and jewelry by your boyfriend or girlfriend.

As I scrolled through social media this past Saturday, I saw two kinds of posts – people posting statuses about how amazing their significant others are and people tweeting about how they’re alone on Valentine’s Day and no one will ever love them.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with both of these extreme ends of the spectrum?

People who have someone to celebrate the “most romantic day of the year” with should be actually celebrating rather than flaunting it all over social media. Take the time to appreciate what your significant other planned for the two of you. This day only comes once a year.

And to those who think you’ll never find love: like I said, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Tweeting about being single won’t make anything change. If you truly believe having a significant other is the only way to survive the holiday then put yourself out there. You’ll never know unless you try.

Yes, I do think it’s somewhat cute to see pictures of the dozen roses your boyfriend surprised you with this weekend. And yes, I remember when I thought I would be forever alone because I didn’t have a Valentine. I have been at both ends of the spectrum, but this has helped me realize that Valentine’s Day means celebrating everyone you love…not just a cute boy who buys you chocolate.

This year, I found that Valentine’s Day was a great way to get in touch with those I love that I may not have talked to in a while.

My sister and I sent my grandmother flowers and I was so excited to be able to see how she was doing and wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t talked to my parents in a couple weeks either, so I felt Saturday was the perfect opportunity to pick up the phone and remind them that I love them.

Though most people see it as a romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to appreciate all of your loved ones, not just your boyfriend or girlfriend or cat.

After seeing Valentine’s Day in a whole new light this year, I thought ‘why can’t everyone treat the holiday this way?’ Valentine’s Day is a day of love, so that means you should celebrate everyone you love, right?

So, next year, whether you’re single or very much in love, I hope everyone takes the time to take a step back and appreciate your loved ones – even if it’s just for a quick second.