Post with caution

Sara Kozlowski


I recently joined multiple underclassmen Facebook groups for Quinnipiac students. There are groups called Class of 2015 (the one for current seniors like myself) and there are also groups for all the other classes to follow such as Class of 2016, 2017, etc.

I originally joined these groups for the sole purpose of selling my old textbooks. This is something a lot of students do and it’s part of the purpose of being a group like Class of 2015. But lately I’ve been seeing other types of posts, such as the following.

“To the dumb cunt who wrote you suck at parking on my brand NEW jeep at hilltop.. Sorry you drive a shit box. Don’t touch my car again.”

This was posted in the Class of 2017 Facebook group—AKA our university’s current sophomores. Not only was I completely disgusted, but also thoroughly ashamed that I share a campus with such insensitive people who feel the need to post defamatory things in a forum consisting of 2,556 members just to make a point.

I’m not going to put this lightly. Are you kidding me?

The purpose of these Facebook groups is to post things that would be of interest to that class. For example, seniors post about different upcoming events in the Class of 2015 group. They also sell textbooks or other items of interest to college students.

Sometimes students ask about a certain class or inquire about missing phones, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything embarrassing or offensive posted in the Class of 2015 group.

The pathetic thing is, this post got more than 11 “likes” so far and that number I’m sure I’ll see grow even more as the days go on.

At the college level, it’s very difficult to figure out who’s a sophomore or who’s a senior. It’s not like high school where you can easily pick out who is an under or upperclassman. So it makes me sad because a post like this just screams immaturity and removes a level of respect I have for students on this campus of all academic levels.

Of course, I don’t have all sides of the story. I don’t know if people left a small note on the windshield or if they spray painted the words all over the side of the car. But what I do know is, regardless of the severity of the incident, you should never post something so offensive without even considering the repercussions (like getting a beyond-pissed-off opinion piece written about you and published in The Chronicle).

Fresh out of high school or not—you should know better. There is no excuse.

We all make mistakes. But, sadly, this kind of thing is happening in the other Facebook groups, as well. In the Class of 2018, someone posted a picture of a QCard they found and wrote “just found it under commons bridge! lmk if you know who’s it is.” This post wasn’t bad, but the answers the person got were uncalled for. Students responded with things like “isn’t that the girl that got with half of toads last night” and another person wrote “I heard that girl got like 6 abortions.” These responses could have been posted by the student’s “friends” who were “just joking around” but regardless of the situation, these aren’t the kind of things that should be shared on social media, especially in a group consisting of 3,553 members in this case.

To put it simply, this kind of online behavior is downright infantile. Be careful what you post. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.