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Wreck: measuring learning with ELOs


Do you QU? Well, do you?

As an active member of a few organizations on campus, I have been forced to use DoYouQU multiple times. DoYouQu is the online portal for organizations of the school to use to post events, plan and schedules meetings, etc. Sounds like it could be useful, having everything in one place, correct? Well, it’s not.

I hold my own meetings for WQAQ, the QU radio station.  If I want to have my room in one of the many rooms offered at this school I must  first book the rooms through EMS under QuickLinks on blackboard, then I have to log on to DoYouQU and schedule and book rooms through the portal as well.

Why? Why must I do this process twice? And I know what you’re thinking, why is she complaining about having to book rooms, so simple. Well my friends, it’s a little thing I like to call ELOs.

Think back to QU101 when our professors would write out on the syllabus what the objectives of the class were. Those are called ELOs, Essential Learning Outcomes.

But recently, the student center has required organization leaders to write the ELOs of every meeting that you have when booking a room. So I went through and wrote the description of my meeting, how many chairs we need, the objective of my meeting, and then, it asks me to select 1 to 3 ELOs of my meeting.

I obviously select one ELO because it says I have to select 1 to 3 and then it asks me to explain why this ELO pertains to my meetings. So, I chose written communication because during my PR Department meetings for the radio station, we reach out to bands for interviews.

Then I submit and I wait to receive my confirmation.

A few days past and I receive an email, ‘Your event submission has been denied.’

My little 30 minute meeting has been denied.

And at the bottom, a little note for the ELO page:

“What about adding Creative Thinking? Isn’t that the whole point of PR/marketing?”

It said fill out one to three so I filled out one, and now you’re saying it’s not good enough? If you wanted me to fill out two then why didn’t you just say so!

From now on, I might as well have my meetings in the upper cafe or somewhere instead of booking a room because the hassle just isn’t worth it. If I want to use one of the rooms then I should be able to without justifying myself. I don’t understand why I have to justify my meetings with ELO’s.

Being in an organization isn’t required by the school and so if people are showing up it’s because they want to be there and I know they’re getting something out of it. I was not voted into my position to do slack off and not do work.

So please, inform me, why must I submit ELO’s for a meeting?

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