The do’s and don’ts Facebook explained

Brendan McKeon

Last fall, Quinnipiac joined the list of fellow universities on the Web site

This high-tech way of tracking friends spread across campus like word of a toga party in the Village.

As we learned from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” There are implied rules that come with Facebook, and they can help when using this tool.

The first rule is a given: Do not list people as a friend if you have never talked to them. It makes you look sad and desperate.

Do not list a person as a friend after meeting them once at a party on Friday night. They may not remember you the next day, and again, you look desperate and are perceived as a Facebook trollop.

Talk to someone before you list them as a friend. See if you really want to publicly acknowledge a friendship with that person.

Do not “poke” someone just because the option is there.

Please keep your pictures as pleasant as possible. No on wants to see you mixing drinks or passed out.

Do not join a group based on its popularity: Maybe Dr. Lahey does deserve a half a million dollar paycheck.

Facebook is not something to be taken lightly. Your social life depends on it.