Battle of sexes in living situations

Alicia Staffa

Men and women are different. So it is not surprising that male and female suites at Quinnipiac have separate problems.

The bathroom is one of the main issues when it comes to living with nine others.

“Just imagine nine girls trying to get dressed for a night out and who all need to be ready by the same time,” sophomore legal studies major, Dinneen Mazzone, said.

The bathroom problem for males is different.

“We have problems with how messy the bathroom gets after a few weeks,” communications major, Dan DiMartino, said.

Another problem is cleanliness. Males are usually deemed messier, but according to Mazzone, females are much worse.

“Boys’ rooms smell bad and might have dirt or food on the floor, but girls have so much stuff that there usually isn’t anywhere to put it,” Mazzone said.

“We bring the essential things to live, but girls bring everything that they own to school,” DiMartino said.

Another problem that students deal with is television.

“We mostly like the same shows, but sometimes the times of the shows interfere with one another,” Mazzone said.

The males have problems with the television, but it has nothing to do with programs.

“The only time we actually fight about the television is when we are trying to get next in line for the PlayStation,” DiMartino said. “We barely fight about anything unless it’s something that really gets under our skin.”

Girls, however, feel differently. “I don’t think I can pinpoint a day where someone in my room has not fought with one of the other roommates,” Mazzone said.

Living with roommates is not always negative.

“It’s kind of like having a huge sleepover every night,” Mazzone said.

“What can be better than hanging out all day and night with your boys?” DiMartinaid.