Sigma Phi Epsilon scholarship offer

Rachel Lagana

Sigma Phi Epsilon is offering a scholarship to any freshman male. The Well Balanced Man Scholarship is offered through the fraternity, and is open to any male, regardless of Greek affiliation. The fraternity asks that interested persons complete an application and write a quick explanation of how they are a well balanced man.

In other words, do you demonstrate academic excellence, do you contain leadership skills in both the classroom and the community, and are you active in your community?

These are the qualities that stand behind the fraternity’s slogan: “Sound mind, Sound body,”

The fraternity is trying to find freshmen that would best represent the scholarship that they offer. If you contain all of these characteristics, then you may be eligible to win one of two $500 scholarships.

Simply write anywhere from a paragraph to a couple of pages with a response, and if you are selected as a winner, the fraternity will sign a check to your name that can be used for anything school related.

Surprisingly, although this may seem like the ideal scholarship offer, very few men have applied thus far. The scholarship has been advertised since the first day of freshmen orientation. There has been dorm storming, teachers mentioning it in classes, RA’s spreading the word, and even e-mails have been sent out to all freshmen men.

According to Sigma Phi Epsilon president Anthony Brisson, the check has been described as “free money” without any catches what-so-ever. The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, Nov. 2nd

For more information e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for the application or stop by Student Center room 218.