Montage showcases student talent in art and writing

Elham Shabahat

Montage is a student-run production that prints a variety of literary submissions such as poetry, prose, and short fiction. The magazine also prints artwork in color.

Alaina Cuglietto describes it as “a literary magazine that is a creative outlet for the Quinnipiac campus.”

Cuglietto, a senior communications major, and Christine McKitish, a senior history major, are co-presidents who work with a dedicated staff of 20 students to produce the magazine

The selection process is also run by the students.

“We accept a diverse range of creative work,” McKitish said. “We basically want anything creative.”

They receive an average of 120 writing submissions and between 80 and 90 art pieces.

The sections are based on the quality of work that is submitted.

“There is an open discussion among our selection committee and they vote anonymously on the pieces,” Cuglietto said.

The magazine is published and distributed in April.

When they are not working on the magazine, members also make occasional trips to The Space on an Open Mic Night. Their future goals entail having a creativity festival on campus.

“The festival will be a showcase of all Quinnipiac talent,” McKitish said. “The event is planned for November 30th in Alumni Hall.”

The creativity festival will also be an excellent opportunity for media production or interactive digital design majors to showcase their work.

Professional slam poets will be invited, according to Cuglietto.

“It will also be an opportunity for students to present their artwork and participate in poetry readings,” McKitish said.

Members of Montage are also involved with other creative organizations on campus such as the English Club, WQAQ and Q30.