Wreck: hockey tickets gone in a flash

Sara Kozlowski

Men’s ice hockey tickets at Quinnipiac have always been competitive to get, especially when it comes to any QU game against Yale. The public often travels from all different places just to get a seat at one of the games. For students, things are a bit easier. We don’t have to travel far and we don’t have to pay anything for our tickets in the student section. Life is pretty good as a student, except lately tickets have been selling out in less than 45 minutes.

Early last week, students received an email encouraging them to reserve tickets for Friday and Saturday night games. I was in class when this email was sent out, but I still saw it only 40 minutes after the email was sent. When I tried to generate a ticket, the website told me they were all sold out.

This never happened for me in any of the past few years. Getting a ticket online was never issue, but they seem to be selling out faster than ever. Maybe this is due to increased popularity with the school or an increased interest in the men’s ice hockey team in general, but the mystery is still unsolved.

Luckily, I was able to find out I could still get a free ticket at the booth the night of the game. It would be quicker and easier to be able to reserve a ticket online, but if I can get a ticket in person, that works just as well too. I would just feel more secure getting a ticket online in case the tickets at the booth happened to run out.