Wreck: drowning in ‘QU in LA’ emails

Sara Kozlowski

Students get bombarded by emails constantly and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Whether it’s from Athletics, Residential Life, password reset, Campus Life, or emails from professors–it doesn’t matter. All of them combined can be an insane email overload to the point that no one has the time to read any of them. Overwhelming emails are stressful and serve as an extra burden.

But lately, students have been submerged in emails from a party completely different from the usual slew of emails. These emails have been coming from the one and only: QU in Los Angeles.

QU in LA sounds great, but quickly loses its appeal when being virtually harassed about it multiple times per day about picking up applications. The program allows students to study abroad without going abroad. Instead, Quinnipiac students are allowed to travel to Los Angeles for a semester to experience the West Coast. It sounds like a neat program, but as a graduating senior, I don’t exactly want to spend my last semester of college not at Quinnipiac.

But this isn’t just me. Many other students have expressed complaints about the excess emails on the app Yik Yak countless times, proving I’m not alone in this. Within October alone, I received nearly a dozen emails about QU in LA. In the future, it might be wise to hold a few information sessions and then send further emails to those who expressed interest, instead of sending them to the entire student body.