Rave: new pizza place meets student needs

Sara Kozlowski

As college students, we eat pizza more often than we should. Since many of us have little to no money to spend on food, we look for cheaper alternatives, like pizza, instead of going out to eat. It’s quick and easy and there are so many pizzerias in Hamden.

Aladdin’s Pizza is one of the newer places in town for your pizza fix, replacing what used to be Papa John’s. Aladdin’s is so good. It cost $3 for a slice of plain cheese deep dish pizza, but it was large and surprisingly filling. It has a ton of other delicious toppings combinations. My friend ordered a pie of chicken, bacon, ranch pizza and it was amazing.

In addition to pizza, Aladdin’s has some Mediterranean food that also looked tasty. They make a falafel sandwich and also sell chicken kebabs and hummus. But even if Mediterranean food isn’t your thing, they  still sell some basics like chicken parmesan grinders, chicken tenders and Caesar salad.

Aladdin’s is right on Whitney Avenue and it’s within walking distance from the Mount Carmel campus. It’s closer to walk to Aladdin’s than Dunkin Donuts but they also deliver for those who are either too lazy to walk or don’t have a car.

The workers have also been very pleasant each time I’ve been there, which is always a plus. Aladdin’s hasn’t been in business for very long, but the place is awesome. With great food, great prices and friendly staff, it is likely here to stay.