The importance of Parents and Family Weekend

Alec Turner

Every year, the university hosts an annual Parents and Family Weekend. Many students will have their parents and siblings come down to enjoy the fall festivities offered on campus. Some families participate in lunches, activities or watch athletic events around campus. A lot of people will just go home that weekend to spend time with their family in their own house. Some students don’t even have their family come down or go home that weekend. Every Quinnipiac student celebrates the weekend differently.

In my eyes, Parents and Family Weekend is a time where you should have family come to visit the campus. Your family is so proud of what you are doing here, and you might as well show them where you are doing it. Your parents and family are hearing amazing stories about friends, organizations, roommates and all sorts of things on this campus, they might as well get to experience a little bit of the Quinnipiac life. Last weekend, I introduced my parents this weekend to many friends, and showing them where I hang out as well as share stories of my time here thus far.

Family Weekend is also a good chance to show off the absolutely beautiful campus that we reside in. We as a student body don’t appreciate how lucky we are to live where we do for eight months out of the year. Show your family the Sleeping Giant trails and take a walk around the beautiful quad with the magnificent Arnold Bernhard Library in the center. Personally, I showed my parents the beautiful mountain’s base, and walked around the Quad, appreciating the beauty as well as sharing some laughs together. My parents were in awe with the wonderful scenery that I fell in love with as a student here.

Show your family the town of Hamden, there is countless restaurants and other places to show them. Everytime my parents come down, we will take a drive down Whitney, and we will stop at a different local restaurant. My parents love that I am still able to have the small town feel at school that I do back home.

Parents Weekend shouldn’t just be an excuse to go out to the grocery store and stock up in what you have used this semester and to get a free meal to substitute your diminishing meal plan. That weekend should be a time to unite your college life and your home life and to appreciate both of them for what they have given you. My parents came down this weekend, and I couldn’t have been happier to see them. We didn’t participate in the lunches sponsored by the university or go to Bobcat Madness, but I still showed my parents my idea of the Bobcat lifestyle.