I’m here to enlighten you all: Handshaking etiquette

Brendan McKeon

The handshake is the ultimate first impression any person can give.

What kind of person are you? Men, if your handshake is too limp you come across as a possible homosexual, or someone who is not overly assertive in social situations.

If your handshake is too strong, one that leaves the other person in a cast, you have Paul Bunyan Syndrome. You are someone who attempts to prove dominance in any situation. This seems like a cover-up for inner weaknesses.

The correct handshake for a man is two firm pumps. Variations include one hand on the elbow for someone you are close with.

Another popular variation is the pat on the shoulder as you shake hands. Save this for those intimate relationships, roommates, fraternity brothers, and family members. The kiss on the cheek is reserved for close female friends and family members. It is not for random girls you have just met.

Ladies there is etiquette for you as well. Please do not go directly for the kiss on the cheek. People may not like you as much as you think you do. Please do not brake your handshaking partner’s hand. Be soft and feminine but still remain a person who is perceived as being strong. DO NOT place your hand in a position where you are expecting a kiss. The Roaring 20’s are over and you are not a flapper.

Please observe this advice as it is correct etiquette technique.