Problems plague shuttles

Andrea Llin

Another year and another battle between the Quinnipiac shuttle system and the students who use it.

Quinnipiac students expressed their frustration about the time it takes for the school shuttles to drive to and from the Westwood and Whitney parking lots.

“The shuttles are very unreliable, it takes a half hour to get off campus,” said Holly Incalcatera, 19, a diagnostic imaging major.

At Quinnipiac, students are not allowed to have cars on campus until their sophomore year. Due to the lack of parking directly on campus, the school has provided two parking lots off campus for sophomores to park in. Many students are concerned about the time it takes for the shuttles to bring them back and forth from the parking lots.

“One time I got to the parking lot a half an hour early so that I would have enough time to get back to class and I was still late because of the shuttle,” said Christie Swiezbin, 19, a physical therapy major.

“I have had to wait up to 25 minutes for the shuttle to come,” said Sarah King, 19, a physical therapy major.

Two shuttles start in the morning and stagger throughout the day. At times, the shuttles end up close behind each other.

“I hate when the shuttles follow one another. It doesn’t make any sense,” said King.

According to Ronald A. Colavolpe, assistant chief for parking and transportation, there are several factors that contribute to the time it takes for the shuttles to transport students to the parking lots. When the shuttle drivers take their breaks, there is only one shuttle running, which increases the time it takes for the shuttle to make its rounds.

“Car accidents and traffic cause the buses to take longer,” said Colavolpe.

These situations cause the first shuttle to delay, which eventually leads to the second shuttle catching up and following close behind. Some delays are out of consideration to the students.

“If a driver sees a student pulling into one of the parking lots they will wait for that student so that they don’t have to wait for the next shuttle,” said Karyn Santiago, a Quinnipiac shuttle driver.

According to Colavolpe, the school is doing the best it can to provide the most effective way of transporting students to the parking lots and returning them to school.

“I don’t think anything needs to be changed except for a little patience from the students,” said Santiago.