Beyond the Bobcat

Amanda Hoskins

Multiple robberies in Hamden homes

Early Monday morning, a family on West Helen Street woke up to find a purse with keys and a wallet missing. The man crawled through an unlocked window to enter the home, according to police. This home-invasion is one of three in the past two weeks. Two women were held at gunpoint and robbed on separate accounts in Hamden. At this time police are investigating any possible connections between them, according to NBC Connecticut. -A.Hoskins

Missing UVA Student linked to previous murder

DNA of the suspect in the case of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham is linked to the death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, according to CNN. There was a “forensic link” between Jesse Matthews and both missing person cases, according to Virginia State Police. Morgan Harrington disappeared after attending a Metallica concert in Oct. 2009. Her remains were found on a farm months later. No arrests were made in the Harrington case and the cause of her death is still under investigation. Police have not publically announced any more information about the link between the cases.Matthew is being held in isolation in a Virginia jail. -S. Doiron

US and Arab Allies launch first airstrikes on Syria

The United States and five Arab nations striked ISIS in Syria for the first time on Sept. 22, according to the Pentagon. The US military planned to strike nearly 20 targets, according to NBC News. The Pentagon confirmed that the US allies in the airstrikes against ISIS include Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. US officials warned Syria’s envoy prior to the attack that there would be possible airstrikes against ISIS targets inside the country, according to Syrian State TV reports. The US has stressed that it will not coordinate with the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the fight against ISIS. – S. Doiron