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More than just a Saturday night

Love it or hate it, Toad’s Place is an intrinsic part of the Quinnipiac community. Known for being a Saturday night hotspot, the club has hosted a number of other events that seem to go unnoticed, primarily concerts. In the past, artists like Billy Joel, U2 and Bob Marley have played at the venue, and Rolling Stone magazine even voted it the #14 “Best Big Room in America” for artists to play. Yet the club has seemed to accrue its reputation solely for the stories that bobcats bring home with them on Saturday nights.

For individuals looking to scope out the music scene in the coming months, there are future shows for virtually every taste in music. To preview a few, Aaron Carter, Aer, The Dirty Heads and MetroStation will all be making an appearance this semester. These concerts are the ultimate event for weeknights out in New Haven and lessen the stress of a typical Toad’s outing.

Another perk of Toad’s concerts is the price of tickets. Unlike massive venues and sporting arenas, the price to see a show at Toad’s is very cheap which is perfect for the college student budget. Tickets typically range from $10-$19 when bought in advance, and go for $20-$30 at the door the day of, depending on the performer. This is a welcomed change of pace from the $100 tickets students purchase for big summer shows at huge arenas.

“I think it would be interesting to go to Toad’s in a different setting than people are used to,” sophomore Ali Fatta said. “Since the space is so small, you could get closer to the music. It’s a totally different experience because it’s more personal.”

Many people who have already seen shows there can attest to the benefits of the environment as well.

Sophomore Grady McKay saw The Dirty Heads at Toad’s.

“Toad’s is a great place for concerts because anywhere you are in the crowd is close to the stage,” he said. “It’s an intense environment where you feel more connected with the performer than you would in a larger venue”.

For those interested in seeing a live show, the club’s website,, has a full calendar of upcoming shows. Hip-hop, rap, pop, rock and alternative lovers alike are sure to find a show that will interest them.


Toad’s Place Preview:


Who are they?: A rap-rock duo from Wayland, Mass.

You know their song: She Loves Me

Check out their song: It’s a New Day

Coming to Toad’s: Oct. 21.

Why should you see them: Good vibes and good beats.


Aaron Carter

Who is he?: Ladies, chances are he was your first love interest and now he is back and touring again.

You know his song: Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)

Check out his song: Any of his songs if you’re looking for an early 2000’s fix.

Coming to Toad’s: Nov. 6.

Why should you see him: Because it’s the easiest way to time travel back to your youth.


Dirty Heads

Who are they? A band from California that covers the entire spectrum of genres, focusing on hip-hop, alternative and reggae.

You know their song: My Sweet Summer

Check out their song: Radio

Coming to Toad’s: Nov. 4

Why you should see them: Each song by this band will mellow you out and the combinations of different sounds make them interesting and unique.


MetroStation (with The Ready Set)

Who are they?: A pop-rock band from California

You know their song: Shake It

Check out their song: I Still Love You

Coming to Toad’s: Nov. 5

Why you should see them: They just put out their first EP since 2009, so fans of them back then will love their new material.


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