Rave: football commentator puts his foot down

Jenna Mandozzi

Every day, three women lose their lives to their significant other, according to domestic violence experts. In the wake of recent domestic abuse charges within the NFL, namely Baltimore Raven player Ray Rice, CBS football commentator James Brown addressed this epidemic on behalf of men everywhere before a match up between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Our silence is deafening, and deadly”, comments Brown in reference to the way the subject of domestic violence has been approached.

Rather than react to the stories of abuse that seem to be presenting themselves daily, Brown suggests instead, focusing upstream. While support for women has been helpful after the abuse, Brown challenges men to take responsibility for their own actions. He states that rather than being outraged every time these events occur, that energy could be channeled into focusing upstream by developing a “comprehensive education for men about what healthy, respectful relationships look like”.

People have responded in an overwhelmingly positive manner to this address. Perhaps it is because a well-respected man in the sports industry is speaking up in support of women, rather than women who have been victims themselves. Additionally, Brown even specifically states that domestic abuse does not discriminate and it is not just a problem in sports. He highlights that just because it is brought to America’s attention in the sports world, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in the lives of everyday people.

“This problem is bigger than football,” Brown stated. “I challenge NFL community and all men to seriously confront the problem of domestic violence”.

Thanks to James Brown, perhaps men will see domestic abuse in a different light, and this increasingly evident trend will begin to decline. Brown has rightfully been lauded for using his air time to speak up and comment on this societal problem.