Rave: Convenience made easy

Sara Kozlowski

When it comes to choosing which cafeteria students prefer, most of them would say the one on York Hill is better overall. It is mostly known for its delicious freshly made pizza, but now the cafeteria is loved for another reason.

In what was once a large, unused open space in the cafeteria has now become a mini convenience store. Most of the items there could also be found in the Quinnipiac bookstore on Mount Carmel, but this new location is far more convenient for York Hill residents.

This new addition will be very helpful during flu season since there is a variety of medicine available for students to purchase. This is by far more appealing and a much simpler fix than going through the health center every time you have a headache or catch a cold. There is also Chapstick and shampoo, as well as different foods like bread and chips.

One of the major attractions has been the quick-to-cook, pre-prepared meals that only need to be zapped in the microwave for a few minutes before eating. These are perfect for that home-cooked taste in just a short amount of time. There’s also frozen meals to choose from, giving students a mini Shop Rite feel.

The new convenience area is a wise use of space within the cafeteria and is very much convenient. Freshmen and sophomores living on Mount Carmel at least have the bookstore to get food and supplies, but there was never anything like that on York Hill for the upperclassmen until now. This will make things much easier for those who do not have a car on campus, too.

Quinnipiac loves building and expanding the campus and this is one of the little things that they definitely did well. The new convenience offers an increased variety of food options that did not exist just last semester. Minor construction and renovation over the summer has certainly paid off.