Where do you fit in?

Sarah Doiron

Throughout my freshman year in college, my friends would always tell me, “You should rush for a sorority, it would be fun!” The thought of meeting new people and volunteering in the community excited me, so I thought why not try?

I rushed to become a founding family member of Chi Omega and was rejected in the early stages of the process. While I felt defeated, I knew it was nothing to be upset over.

There are plenty of other opportunities on campus to get involved. The involvement fair in the beginning of the year is an excellent way to make contacts and learn about all of the clubs on campus, as well as sororities and fraternities. This is where I met my family: The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

When I went to the first meeting I was intimidated by the upperclassmen, but within the first few minutes I felt welcomed. At my first meeting I was assigned a news story right away and was thrilled with the support I received in learning the ropes.

Now as an associate news editor, I have dedicated my time to The Chronicle and to other organizations on campus as well.

The “Chron bond” is real. I love my fellow editorial board and staff members. Everytime I attend a meeting everyone is smiling and having a great time. We all work well together and always welcome new members to attend meetings and have as much fun as we do.

 It goes to show that even if Greek life is not for you, you can find your own niche on campus and create a “family” that will support you the same as fraternity brothers or sorority sisters would.

Even if you are in Greek life on campus, you can still get involved in other organizations on campus and take full advantage of the opportunities given to us as students. There are members of The Chronicle involved in greek life and are still considered a part of our “family.”

While I may not have the opportunities that members of Greek life have, I have plenty of my own experiences on campus with The Chronicle, and for that I am thankful.