Respect your campus

Sarah Harris

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I am on my way to the Quad. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. I cross Hill circle when something catches my eye. What is this? A red solo cup in a green bush.

It’s a lovely afternoon, the sun is hot on my back. I decide to go visit my friends across campus. I walk out my back door when something shiny grabs my attention. A condom wrapper. And a used condom a few feet away.

Our campus does not, unfortunately, magically clean itself everyday. There are very hard-working people who have to clean our campus. Among the many things that they have to do to keep our campus clean, picking up used condoms and red solo cups should not be one of them. Eighteen to 22-year-olds are old enough to know how to throw away their trash, especially since there are multiple garbage cans around campus.

But even when the students are responsible enough to throw away garbage, some students feel the need to empty out the trash cans everywhere. During move-in weekend at school, there were extra trash cans around Hill Circle for people to throw away boxes and other items. Saturday the 23rd, someone decided to throw the four garbage cans worth of trash throughout the circle. Facilities had to come and clean it up extra early because of the move-in on Sunday.

It’s often that I see students being reckless while intoxicated. How would you feel if kids came in to your room drunk and made a mess everywhere for you to clean? You would be mad. I would be mad. Cleaning up your own mess is one thing but having to clean up someone elses mess is another. Yes, it is facilities job to keep campus clean but not on the level that they have to.

For some odd reason students think that the Bobcat statue is the place to be on a Friday night…right near Public Safety, because everyone knows it’s smart to drink in front of the officers. The trash on campus has been bad in this area in the past years but I personally haven’t seen it this bad since the Frozen Four game when the lowerclassmen surrounded the bobcat. It’s only been a couple of weekends since school has started and the trash is disgusting.

Not only does this happen outside but inside our buildings as well. People are constantly leaving their plates and garbage on the tables in the caf for other people to clean it up for them. Welcome to college. Mom and Dad aren’t around anymore to clean up after you and it’s time that you grow up and start cleaning up after yourself.