Wreck: annoying athletic emails

Jeanette Cibelli

It seems like every time I check my inbox, I have a new email (or maybe two) from Quinnipiac Athletics.  Seeing these emails doesn’t send me into a rage, but they are annoying.  Based on the complaints I’ve heard, no one else is a fan of these emails either.

Many people automatically delete these emails without bothering to read the subject.  They only take a second to delete, but when you have a slew of other emails to sort through, they are an unwanted presence.

Disliking these emails doesn’t mean you don’t support the sports teams.  Quinnipiac teams are very talented and some have fantastic records, but there’s no reason to be forcefully reminded of that every day.  People who are fans will go to the games of their own accord, and people who are interested in the results can check scores online or in The Chronicle.

There are many alternatives to this unavoidable barrage of athletic emails.  Information about upcoming games or meets can be included in the weekly campus events emails.  Links to get tickets can be provided on MyQ.  Athletic records could be displayed on a bulletin board in the fitness center.

Another alternative would be to set up an email subscription service.  This way, people can opt in or opt out of the athletic emails based on their interests.  If someone wants to know about the baseball team but not acrobatics and tumbling, they should only receive emails about baseball.  The same goes for people that don’t want to receive any emails about athletics.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional athletics update, especially if something exciting happens, like winning a championship or the release of tickets for the Yale game.  But the daily insignificant emails need to stop.