Emily’s music corner

Emily Misiewicz

Have you, or anyone you know, ever say they couldn’t live without music? What if the world was unaware of rhythm, harmony and beat? Yes, we wouldn’t know any different, but we can’t help to wonder if we’d somehow, unknowingly, feel a void in our lives.

I woke up today to my alarm. Feeling ambitious I filled my water bottle, tied my shoes, and hit the gym. Many weight-lifters grunted and sighed filling the silent air between my out of breath gasps as I slammed my feet down on the treadmill. In the background, I heard the spinning instructor yelling words of encouragement and strength as the wheels on the bikes buzz. Up ahead the clock clicks down the seconds until its time for me to get ready for class. I head back to my room, grab my toothbrush, head for the shower, and put on some lotion. I sit down to eat a nutritious breakfast of eggs and fruit, clean the dishes and head to my room. Open up my computer to finish some last minute studying as my anxious breath and heartbeat speeds up anticipating the day ahead.

The day goes on, I sit in class, take a test, and come back to my room exhausted but excited for the night to come. It’s finally time to get ready to go out as my friends start trickling in for a night to remember. We sit out in the common room in a circle, small talk ensues and we sit between waves of loud chatter and awkward silences. I can hear the pitter-patter of feet coming and going to the bathroom and the rain hitting hard against the building. The fridge opens and closes and we all sit there until the clock strikes 10:30 p.m. to make our way to the shuttle. Walking toward the bar I notice the cars zooming by and people lining up in front of entrances to get in, as the noise of the crowd fills my ears. It’s a little quieter than usual inside tonight, but we find our way to the seats in the middle of the room. The sounds of people’s voices are colliding against one another and I can’t seem to block out the table’s conversation next to us.

Why isn’t anyone dancing? Why do I hear every little noise around me? Why am I constantly trying to make small talk and why can I not block out anything else but the sound of people talking? This would be the world without music. Remember that time you didn’t jam out to music on the treadmill? Remember when your friends didn’t play music at that party? Remember that wedding where there was no dancing? Remember that movie where there wasn’t one bit of music? Me either. Case and point: life without music would be one hell of a ride. If there was no music, would there be dancing? If there were no music, what would movies be like? If there were no music, would wedding receptions exist? If there were no music, would people’s moods waver more? If there were no music, would you be as happy as you are? If there were no music, would you be a different person? I know I would be.  Maybe this is the world Eiffel 65 alludes to in Blue Da Ba Dee.