News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

Missing flight no longer

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, announced Monday that Flight 370, missing since March 8, ended somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean. This announcement came after data found by the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch was further investigated, according to NBC news. The last position of the plane was far from any possible landing sites, according to CNN. The airline sent text messages to all family members of the people on board the flight saying “the plane was lost and none of those on board were found,” according to NBC news. The airline said when all the wreckage is found, plans will be made to fly the families to Australia. Investigations are still in progress to what led up to the crash; however, all sea and air search was suspended yesterday due to the weather, according to CNN.

At least 14 dead in Washington mudslide

A mudslide in rural Washington State Saturday morning left 14 dead and more than 100 missing, according to CNN. The number missing is a growing number, but does not mean that all missing are dead. The mudslide was caused by a combination of heavy rain and groundwater saturation in the past month. The mudslide stretched about a square mile across Oso and Darrington, Washington, according to CNN. The mud flow in some areas was as much as 60 feet deep. Crews are working to continue rescuing bodies in the mudslide; however, the safety of the rescuers remains a focus because the land is not yet stable.

Ukrainian forces out of Crimea

The Interim Ukrainian president ordered for the withdrawal of all armed forces in Crimea Monday after receiving threats from Russians. Troops stormed and seized the Ukrainian naval base on a fort off Crimea, a raid that involved several Russian helicopters. The Ukrainians finally fled the base only upon the agreement their weapons could accompany them. Just last week, Russia annexed Crimea following a referendum the Ukraine and the West says was illegal. President Obama met with allies in the Netherlands met Monday to discuss the next steps.