Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Sarah Harris

Between defining the relationship and thinking of ideas, gift giving on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. If you’re in a committed relationship, a hook up, or somewhere in between, deciding on what to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day can get very confusing. Many students at Quinnipiac University are beginning to buy their Valentines gifts and planning dinner dates. Here are a few gift ideas and tips!


Guys: If you have been hooking up with someone for more than a month but not exclusive, a little something like a box of chocolates could be a great idea and doesn’t have commitment written all over it. “I’d get them something but nothing too serious,” sophomore Kevin Sustad said.

Girls: Baking something for a guy could be a way of showing affection without saying that you want to be in a relationship.

The In-Between

Guys: A great way to show a girl that you can see being in a relationship with is flowers. Remember, roses are classy and carnations are cheap. Some chocolates or a teddy bear would be a good idea as well.

Girls: Make a nice card for them and buy some of their favorite candies. It’s personal but it’s not going over the top.



Guys: Definitely take your girlfriend out to dinner! Make your plans right now. And also a little gift would be nice like chocolate and jewelry. But you know her best so plan accordingly. “Since my boyfriend goes to a different school, I’m going there and we’re going out to dinner. He’s going to surprise me so I don’t know what we’re doing yet,” junior Gabby Kondik said.

Girls: Netflix and a back massage is the best thing you could possibly give a boy on Valentine’s Day.