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Despite rumors, May Weekend semi-formal will go on

Despite claims that the May Weekend semi-formal, entitled, “Spring Fling,” would be cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales, the Student Government Association confirmed yesterday that the dance, will, in fact, still go on.

Mike Germano, Vice President of Public Relations said that although SGA tried to accommodate students’ complaints, the dance did not get the response that they expected or hoped for.

“The students complained that the formal was held on May Weekend. We listened and said ‘how about we have it as its own event?’ and tried to accommodate the concerns,” he said. “It could have gone one of two ways. In this case it backfired, but we took a chance and we knew that it had the potential not to work. But we wanted to try something new.”

The dance was changed from its original date on the

Saturday of May Weekend to the Saturday before May

Weekend in an effort to curb student complaints that the dance was infringing on their alternative May Weekend Activities.

“It’s understandable,” Germano said. “It’s like would you want to have your prom during senior week in high school? Probably not.”

Despite the response, Germano is pleased with the switch.

“I’m happy we tried something different. Unfortunately, we failed at it, but we can’t go back,” he said.

He is not sure why exactly there was such a lack of interest.

“I don’t know if it was because of the dates or if the students simply weren’t informed enough about it. Financial constraints could also have been an issue. In the past, it has always sold out,” Germano said.

It was rumored that the dance would be cancelled since, as of last week, only 300 of the dance’s 600 tickets had been sold.

With the lack of ticket sales, it was uncertain whether or not Oakdale would honor their contract with Quinnipiac University.

“We renegotiated our contract with Oakdale, so the dance will still go on,” he said. “It is a wonderful event that everyone should attend.”

Germano theorized that if the $50 charge for tickets had been less, they may have had a better response.

“If SGA spent more on itself, we would be able to lower the ticket costs,” he said. “We paid for transportation to try to subsidize the cost of the tickets. If we could have afforded it, it would have been less.”

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