Rave: BuzzFeed takes over social media

Lindsay Goldstein

As if students weren’t faced with enough distractions in their daily lives, websites like BuzzFeed are completely taking over. While some may deem these lists and quizzes pointless, other Quinnipiac students welcome the interruption if it means answering that very important, life-altering question: what food best matches your personality?

There’s no denying just how popular BuzzFeed has become, especially in recent months. But what makes the website so successful?

Just when we thought social media websites like Facebook and Twitter had accomplished all they had set out to do, BuzzFeed is providing students with a brand new reason to scroll through their news feeds and timelines. The latest trend online is sharing links to your favorite articles with friends through social media, which is proving to be the most efficient way to enjoy all that BuzzFeed has to offer.

Instead of sorting through hundreds of articles about everything under the sun, from politics to the “21 Times Justin Timberlake Wore Some Very Cringeworthy Fashions,” the ability to click directly on the links to your friends’ favorite BuzzFeed stories has completely changed the way we use and enjoy the website.

Gone are the days when life updates and pictures from last weekend dominated your newsfeed, and many are thrilled to see these posts replaced with BuzzFeed’s most entertaining content. Quinnipiac junior Cassondra Funk believes the presence of BuzzFeed articles on social media is the driving force behind the current craze.

“I’ve known about BuzzFeed for a while, but I definitely think that social media has helped increase its popularity,” Funk said. “You can’t go on any social media anymore without seeing at least a couple links to their articles, and they’re almost always the funniest ones.”

For those who still enjoy browsing the hundreds of pages of content on the website, you may run into some hidden gems, like the quiz to find the name of your soul mate and the “21 Reasons Why Old People Are The Best People on the Internet.”

BuzzFeed is one trend that’s completely deserving of the buzz.