Rave: New Haven pizza

Kellie Mason

New Haven is famous for many things: Toad’s Place, Yale University, theatres, shopping and cuisine. Now most people looking for a good slice of pizza would usually think of New York City or Chicago, but luckily for QU students some of the very best pies can be found right in the city down the street.

New Haven proudly boasts three pizzerias among the top 100 in the country, according to The Daily Meal’s rating of the best pizzas in America, published this past October. Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria (No. 1) shares Wooster Street with Sally’s Apizza (No. 7). Travel down State Street and you will find yourself at Modern Apizza (No. 11).

Each restaurant has its own signature style, even when each establishment bakes its pizzas in a brick oven leaving thin crust pies made with only the freshest ingredients.

Pepe’s is ranked No. 1 mainly for their white clam pizza, it comes highly recommended by locals. The Daily Meal suggests trying the tomato pizza at Sally’s and the Italian Bomb (bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, garlic onion and pepper) at Modern.

It may just be the table size at Sally’s and Pepe’s, but you might as well eat right off trays of the large servings. Modern has larger tables so you can actually fit plates. Regardless of where you eat, you probably won’t realize how much you have eaten until you need to unbutton your jeans.

Locals and people from out-of-state agree there is nothing quite like the pizza from New Haven.

Unfortunately, the restaurants do not have delivery, but each of them offer sit-in and take-out. So, if you are ever in the area shopping or looking for some local flavor with your family, you have to try out these places.

There is always something for everyone and your pizza craving will soon be vanquished.