Rave: Bitstrips rising in popularity

Sara Kozlowski

You might have noticed an abundant amount of bizarre cartoon comics that have been popping up in your Facebook news feed recently. For a few weeks, I had no idea what these comics were. I thought people were making them, but as it turns out, the comics are being generated through a free app called Bitstrip, which is available on both iPhone, and Android.

Upon downloading, the app asks for you to connect to Facebook and then to design a cartoon version of yourself. You can choose different face shapes, eye color, hairstyle, clothing, etc. to help make your cartoon unique.

You can create your own comics with other friends and even add your own text. Through Bitstrips, you now have a new, more interesting way to celebrate inside jokes with friends.

This app is really creative. I thought this was a new up and coming app, but according to their website bitstrips.com, more than 20 million people have been using Bitstrips.

Even though I do not currently have the app, my roommate does and it has proved to be very entertaining. Bitstrips also randomly generates comics for you that sometimes make no sense whatsoever. The spontaneity of some of these comics has been truly priceless.

The entire beauty of it all is that you can upload the comics to Facebook for everyone else to view. Hopefully this application becomes more popular in the coming months because it would definitely be hilarious to see some of the other comics people have been making.