Healthy lifestyle plan for students

Danielle Barbarich

Spring is finally here, which means that bathing suit season is on the horizon! Losing weight and getting the swimsuit body you’ve always imagined is right at your fingertips.

Weight cannot be lost overnight. As much as everyone desires to wake up and have the body they always dreamed of, it does take some effort.

The first step is setting the right goals. Most people set unrealistic goals for themselves, become discouraged, and quit before they have even begun. The most productive areas to set goals on are exercise and a change of eating habits.

The average college student is always on the go and under extreme amounts of stress. Many students use this as an excuse to eat pizza and fries from the Ratt. However, it takes 15 minutes or more for the brain to get the message that the body has been fed.

If you take your time eating and enjoy the food that you are putting into your body you will eat less. Also, beware of portion size. Hand cooking meals and taking the time to prepare them properly, just the smell of food satisfies some of the appetite for it and you are less likely to pick and eat more than you need.

Practice defensive eating. Overeating is an easy thing to do. Do not eat things just because they are available. If you are constantly on the run, which most students are, at least be prepared!

Instead of running for the candy stand in the Caf