Rave: ‘Breaking Bad’ finale: the perfect ending

Matt Eisenberg

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS: There were 10.3 million people who tuned into the “Breaking Bad” series finale on Sunday, and there should not have been a single person disappointed in it. The finale was perfect in every sense of the word. It had surprises. It had moments of awe. It had ups and downs. But what made it so brilliant was the fact that it left no unanswered questions.

Spoiler alert: We find out why Walter White, aka Heisenberg, changed his goal from making $737,000 (Season 2, Episode 1) to building a methamphetamine empire that gave him $80 million. He has a foolproof way to give Walt Jr. the money he has left. He tells Skyler where Hank’s body is buried and suggests she use that information for a plea deal. The ricin Heisenberg had is meant for Lydia in one of the most clever methods of murder written throughout the show’s five seasons.

Walt’s plan with the machine gun and how he was able to attack Todd and his uncles was incredibly strategic, but the beauty in that scene was how he saved his protege, Jesse, from the bullets, before seeing Jesse exact his revenge on Todd by strangling him. In the end, Walt dies by saving Jesse right before the barrage of bullets. Jesse opts not to kill his mentor, and drives off in the night free. Every door was shut.

Creator Vince Gilligan was masterful in the entire series, but especially the finale. He titled it “Felina.” Based on the periodic table of elements, “Fe” represents iron, “Li” lithium and “Na” sodium. The anagram has been said to represent “Blood, meth, and tears.” From the character development to the writing to the camera shots, Gilligan created his own empire.