Wreck: Yeah, but where’s the swimming pool?

Katherine Chirillo

Recently students haven’t heard the joyous chimes of the bell tower every hour on the hour, and some people are starting to wonder. Is there something wrong with the clock tower or are they denying us of this pleasure intentionally? If given the choice between seeing an enlarged time and hearing a series of songs in the form of chimes, or being able to swim in a pool, there was a decision to be made.

Many students have heard whispers that Bobcats past were given a choice between the clock and a pool, but the administration chose not to comment on whether this was truth, or another part if the ‘Legend’. Quinnipiac is known to be all about the polls, but were the students really asked which installation on campus they would prefer to have?

Many students come to Quinnipiac from high schools or communities where swimming is a central theme in their workout routines. So where do they turn when the school they attend doesn’t have a facility they can use for aquatic exercising? That is a question that doesn’t really have an exact answer.

Obviously they would have to gain memberships to places located off-campus like the Hamden/North Haven YMCA or the Hamden High School Pool, but is there really easy access? Some form of transportation and payment would be necessary, and the hassle itself would be taxing enough.

So why exactly does this university not have a pool when it seems to have everything else? Is the reason they don’t want to invest in a pool more obvious than it may seem? Could it be because they wouldn’t be able to have a swim team, and therefore nothing would come out of it for the school? We may never know.