Diggin’ the hill: life at York

Bryan Lipiner

Don’t listen to what the seniors may say. The Crescent residential hall on the York Hill campus is a fine place to live.

After living on the Mount Carmel campus for my freshman and sophomore years, I, like other juniors, was presented with the opportunity to live on the York Hill campus for my third year at Quinnipiac. Many friends who lived in Crescent during the 2012-13 school year warned me that it left a lot to be desired.

Yet through the first few days of living in Crescent, I can certainly say that I’m happy with my choice.

Crescent offers many features that residence halls elsewhere do not provide. Each suite features a decent-sized common room, as well as a kitchen and a full fridge. Bedrooms are solely double-occupancy rooms; a level of privacy that isn’t guaranteed on the Mount Carmel campus.

If the apartment-style rooms aren’t enough, a good amount of the Crescent suites offer striking views of New Haven and Connecticut. The sightlines are similar to those seen at the top of Sleeping Giant.

It may not be appreciated now, but close access to the TD Bank Sports Center will be viewed as a gift once the frigid Hamden winter months approach. A short walk to the arena will always top waiting for the infrequent shuttles in the freezing cold. Crescent is also situated close to the Rocky Top Student Center, as all rooms are a brief walk away to the dining hall, fitness center, and mail services.

A final popular myth about York Hill is that the rooms can be far hotter during the summer months than rooms on Mount Carmel, which is completely untrue. Rooms below ground level may not get the same breeze than those higher in the building. With that said, the majority of rooms are above ground level, rendering the apartments much cooler in the summer months.

The Mount Carmel campus is unique in the way that it is centrally located to the university, and no housing option will directly compare. York Hill is a viable alternative for those looking to live close to Mount Carmel, while also enjoying the social aspect of residence halls.

And though York Hill may be bashed via word of mouth, I can say that it is a perfect living space for any upperclassman.