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Facebook: connecting students

A new distraction has recently invaded the lives of many Quinnipiac University students. Students can be found visiting the website for several hours each day to meet other students, search for friends and join groups. Thefacebook is an online directory that connects people through networks at colleges and universities. In order to join Thefacebook students need to register and log in with a campus e-mail.

After joining Thefacebook, students are given the option to create personal profiles including their activities and class schedules. Students are then able to search for people in their classes and find people who have similar interests. Facebookers can also look up their friends and their friends’ friends through a social network.

One good reason just to join Thefacebook is to check out all of the photos. Some students use this feature to show their spunky sides with pictures of good times while others choose the simple head and shoulder shot. Either way it is fun get to know a little bit about other students. The only catch is that Thefacebook has been known to become overly addictive.

“A lot of my friends from high school have had this since the beginning of the school year and I didn’t believe them when they said how addicting it was until I got it. Now I have to always have it open when I’m online. It’s a sad sight,” junior, Media Production major, Kathleen Deutsch from New Jersey wrote on the message board for the group “Addicted to Facebook”.

“I’ve been addicted to Thefacebook for about a month now. The first day it came out, I was on it for hours. It was kind of sad. I was adding friends and joining groups and doing all that good stuff,” sophomore, Broadcast Journalism major, Robert Guerrera, who co-created the group “Addicted to Facebook”, said. “I was even contacted by someone that moved away from me in fifth grade, which was kind of a thrill. But now I’ve added just about all of my friends and checked everyone’s profiles. I don’t go on it dearly as much as I used to.”

“You can find people you haven’t talked to in a long time, or have lost touch with over the years. A lot of people are using Thefacebook to meet people online and a lot of my friends from home use it to keep in touch with other people at college,” freshman, Psychology major, Elyse Zanni from New Jersey said.

Students enjoy the ability to keep in touch with friends and other students from high school and college all over the country on one website. Most agree that Thefacebook is a great way to stay connected with other people and see what activities they are involved in and what classes they are taking. But to some students Thefacebook can be considered a form of stalking.

“It’s funny if you think about it. This is legal stalking but, we’re all addicted so we don’t care. I spend five minutes every other day on face book; it wasn’t something I actually enjoyed. It was something everyone was on so I wanted to check it out,” sophomore, Broadcast Journalism major, Kevin Sokolski from New York said. Sokolski is also a member of the group “Addicted to Facebook”.

Thefacebook has become a useful resource for clubs and advertisers as well. Club advisors can post important messages for members to read and businesses can purchase adds to be displayed on the website to entice users. There is a group for virtually everything and anything students can think of including a group for OC lovers and a group for Gavin Degraw fans. However some students choose not to join Thefacebook community because of its addictiveness.

“I’ve seen how people have gotten so obsessed with Thefacebook and how time consuming it can be. I don’t have time to be distracted by it,” freshman, Media Studies major, Paula Raimo from Massachusetts said.

The number of Thefacebook users on high school and college campuses is increasing all over the country as more and more students join the website. Want to become a part of Thefacebook frenzy to join groups or meet new friends and keep in touch with current buddies? Join today by going to to find out more.

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