Early first snow blankets Quinnipiac

Dana Owen

A light 1.5-2 inch dusting of snow blanketed the Quinnipiac University campus on Friday night, November 12.

As students walked to Mr. Quinnipiac, they faced chilly rains that soon turned into pelting sleet and eventually turned to snow overnight.

Temperatures early in the night were around 35 degrees before they began to fall, dropping to 32 degrees, transforming the rain into the frozen form of rain, sleet, and then into snow.

Students were faced with slick conditions when doing the most simple activities such as walking to the Bobcat Den to get a snack or going to the student center to check one’s mail.

The conditions, which caught many off guard delievered a pretty pre-holiday backdrop to the campus as white snow covered leaves and grass.

However the picturesque nature of the moment was quickly replaced with the realization that the pretty scene of a New England university campus in the late fall as ice began to form on stairwells and along sidewalks.

The earliest snow on record in the area was In early October back in the 1980s.

Students should not get their hopes up too high, however, because records have shown that early snowfalls can lead to an early end to the winter season.

Despite the snowy weather, this week should prove to be relatively mild and no snow is in the forecast for the next ten days.