Ashley’s Ice Cream

Dana Owen

Here it comes again: that twinge in your stomach that happens at the same time every night. Even though you just ate dinner a few hours ago, the craving is inevitable. You want dessert.

Where can you go for a quick sugar shot to satisfy that pesky craving? Well, to Ashley’s Ice Cream, of course!

Hamden and New Haven offers a generous selection of pit stops for a cup or cone of the delicious, creamy treat. However, only a few rise above the ranks and are worth every last calorie.

Ashley’s Ice Cream, which was established in 1973, has two locations, York Street in New Haven and Dixwell (in the Wal-Mart Plaza near Chili’s) in Hamden. The chain includes about 10 locations around the state and has received accolades as “The Best Ice Cream in the State” by CT Magazine and “New Haven’s Best” by the New Haven Advocate.

Both locations are quaint little caf