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Students refuse to give up on beloved “Ratt”

Need an escape from the stress of college life?

The Ratt is the place to go on the Quinnipiac University campus.

In 2003, Quinnipiac decided to change the long-standing name of what students affectionately referred to as The Ratt, officially The Rathskellar, to The Bobcat Den in support of the university’s newest mascot.

However, many returning Quinnipiac students refused to succumb to the change in their familiar spot.

“You can tell the freshmen apart from the upperclassmen when you hear them talk about The Bobcat Den,” Kristin Fiori, sophomore physical therapy major, said.

Although the university made an effort put up large signs advertising The Bobcat Den, most students prefer to stick with their beloved Ratt.

The dim glow of the soda cooler and the steam rising from the coffee machine gives the Ratt its comfortable atmosphere.

The tall tables and stools may make the Ratt look like a trendy city coffeehouse, but all the Abercrombie sweatpants and flip flops remind you it is a college hangout.

The Ratt offers sweets and coffee, as well as full meals on the upper level. Carly Nartowicz, sophomore public relations major, goes to the Ratt to get a cookie fresh out of the oven, a ritual that gives her the extra push to finish her night of studying.

Aside from a sugar fix, the Ratt is also convenient.

The central location makes the Ratt a relatively short distance away from every dormitory.

After a tough workout at the gym, a long class or an intense study session, students often head to the Rat for a treat.

At 9 p.m. the Ratt is the place to see and be seen. Stressed students wander in, cross-eyed from staring at textbooks.

This is the time that night classes are let out and, although students want to go to sleep for the night, they still have a lot of work to do. Students come in attempting to find something that will cure their fatigue. Some are wearing pajamas.

Jill Strycharz, sophomore economics major, comes to the Ratt to “get a quick fix of caffeine at night, and take a break from studying.”

Because the main cafeteria closes at 9 p.m., the Ratt becomes a hot spot for students.

In the winter, when the walk to the cafeteria becomes treacherous, the Ratt is the perfect alternative.

“What I like about the Ratt is the casual atmosphere,” Kristen Dziedzic, sophomore undecided major, said. “The cafeteria is so crowded, while at the Ratt it’s relaxed and easy to just grab a quick snack.”

The convenience of the Ratt makes it one of the busiest spots on campus.

As a meeting place and a campus hang out, the Ratt is an integral part of Quinnipiac University.

It seems that, without it, students would fall asleep or starve after the closing of the cafeteria.

Just don’t call it the Bobcat Den.

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