Yankees v. Red Sox: one for the ages

Matt Lefebvre

This series had everything any sports fan would want to see. It featured one of the greatest comebacks, if not the greatest comeback, in sports history. It showed that no lead is safe, no matter how big and that anything can be overcome: it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. The series featured a changing of the guard in the American League. The greatest postseason closer ever, blew back-to-back Oct. saves for the first time in his career. David Ortiz, the man nobody wanted two years ago, had two game winning hits in extra innings. Manny Ramirez had zero RBI’s. A-Rod and Sheffield were 0-8 with three K’s in game seven. Curt Schilling pitched with his tendon stapled to his ankle bone. Derek Jeter proved why he is one the most clutch players in the game today and that he really is the captain. We also learned that great players don’t win championships, great teams do. It was a great show, and no matter how many times these teams play, it will never get old. The passion of the fans is what makes this series great.