Yellow bracelets send powerful message to students

Dana Owen

It seems that, for fall, the new “in” color this year is bright yellow. Sound strange? Not for the millions of people, young and old, who can be seen sporting a little yellow bracelet that inspire them to “Live Strong.”

“[Armstrong] is so inspirational,” sophomore Jillian Bianco said. “Hearing about his life and what he went through just shows that no matter what you go through in your life, you have to stay positive.”

The yellow bracelets are part of a program put together by the non-profit organization, the “Lance Armstrong Foundation,” more commonly known as the LAF. Cyclist and Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong created the foundation after being diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 25. Ignoring doctors’ warnings, he left his condition untreated, causing it to spread to other critical parts of his body.

“It’s ironic,” Armstrong is quoted as saying. “I used to ride my bike to make a living. Now, I just want to live so that I can ride.”

During his fight with cancer, Armstrong decided to learn as much as he could about the disease. Now, he encourages others with cancer to “Live Strong” through the foundation’s “four core program areas,” which include: Education, Advocacy, Public Health, and Research.

“[The bracelet] is a good inspiration because you see how Lance Armstrong overcame cancer and reached his goals,” junior Peter Gallay said. “I feel that it is a reminder to live life to the fullest.”

The popular bright yellow bracelets with the word “LIVESTRONG” imprinted on them sell for a dollar each and can be ordered in packs of ten to packs of 1200 over the foundation’s website All proceeds from the bracelets go to support the ten million Americans who are currently living with cancer.