WRECK: Catch 22 of QU’s Energy Efficiency

Sara Kozlowski

Quinnipiac seems to have three main loves: 24/7 construction, Irish Famine sculptures, and conserving energy. The last one, however, is more of a joke than anything because hardly any residents on campus make any effort to throw their recyclables into the separate bin or be “green,” in any sense. Instead of tackling that problem, Quinnipiac now has you covered for a different aspect of energy efficiency.

[media-credit name=”Madeline Hardy” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]
Recently the university constructed Q-card activated lamps in the Arnold Bernhard Library cubicles.

Recently the university constructed (see main love No. 1) Q-card activated lamps in the library cubicles. The card is inserted for power and the light will instantly turn on and quickly after the card is removed, the light turns off. Despite this seemingly fantastic idea, I am baffled and dumbfounded by the number of Q-cards I’ve found abandoned in the slots of these lights. Not to mention, it’s kind of awkward to have a light lit on one side of the cubicle, but not the other if no one is next to you.

It’s annoying. And I can confess I’ve nearly forgotten to remove my Q-card on several occasions. But for those who are struggling with me on this topic, I must tell you that I have good news; instead of using your Q-card, insert the laminated sign above each slot. This impersonates the Q-card and activates the bulb. Quinnipiac students: take consideration  we can’t remember simple things, but we’re really good at using our resources to resolve problems.