‘Student section tickets are free for a reason’

Samantha Epstein

It’s no surprise that Quinnipiac lacks school spirit. Getting students to go to sporting events is like getting a cat to take a bath. No matter what you do, you’ll just wind up with scratches on your arm, wondering why you even bother trying.

But like every rule, there’s an exception: the QU vs. Yale men’s ice hockey game. Every February, students don their gold “Beat Yale” shirts and fill the High Point Solutions Arena at TD Bank Sports Center in hopes that the Bobcats defeat the Bulldogs. That is, if they can get a ticket.

Last year was the first year students could print their tickets online. Before that, students had to wait in line if they wanted to get a ticket. I remember sitting in Tator Hall for hours on end with a group of my friends during my freshman year, waiting patiently to get one of the highly-coveted QU vs. Yale game tickets.

Now that tickets are just a click away, students who have one or have no intention of going to the game are acquiring their free student tickets so they can sell them to a student who wants to go but couldn’t get to a computer in time.

Athletics also started rewarding 100 students who attend the most games at TD Bank Sports Center throughout the year with an automatic ticket to the game. However, some of these students still sign on to get their free student tickets so they can sell one of them. I’m sorry, but if you attend that many games and are a true Bobcat fan, wouldn’t you want as many of your classmates as possible at the game?

The QU vs. Yale game is supposed to be about a community coming together to support a team playing its rival. It isn’t supposed to be an opportunity for the ticketed to prey on the ticketless, searching for the highest bidder.

It’s truly disheartening to see these people salivate over the chance to exploit their friends and classmates.

Student section tickets are free for a reason. Most students don’t have money to shell out for sporting events, especially when tickets are being sold for $30 or more. Now these students have to miss out on the most energetic game of the season because they can’t afford the asking price of these jerks.

Not only does the game represent a time of school spirit, but also a time to honor the fallen heroes of Sept. 11, 2001. This year’s QU/Yale game will be the 11th anniversary of the Heroes Hat Championship, and the “Heroes Hat” will be awarded to the winning team. Using your ticket to make a quick buck disgraces the honor and valor the “Heroes Hat” stands for.

So if you’re one of these people selling your ticket, take a good look at your moral compass and do the right thing. Give your ticket to someone who wants it, whether it be a senior wanting to go to his last QU vs. Yale game or a die-hard fan that has been at every game this season.

Or better yet, actually go to the game. Support your team and your school while you still have the chance to go for free.